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Selcuk High Arts Lecture

posted Nov 27, 2016, 5:38 PM by AIA DC

One of the most productive periods in the history of the regions from Iran to Anatolia corresponds to the rule of the Selcuks and their immediate successors, from 1038 to 1307 C.E. A Turkic dynasty of Central Asian nomadic origins, in a short time they conquered a vast territory in West Asia stretching from present-day Turkmenistan to Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, not as a unified empire but controlled by branches of the Selcuks and their successor dynasties. Under Selcuk rule, the exchange and synthesis of diverse traditions - including Turkmen, Perso-Arabo-Islamic, Byzantine, Armenian, Crusader and other Christian cultures - accompanied economic prosperity, advances in science and technology and a great flowering of culture within the realm. Dr. Sheila Canby will discuss the Selcuks and highlights of the recent "Court and Cosmos" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

When:  Tuesday, December 6
Time:  6:30PM
Where:  The Turkish Embassy, 2525 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington D.C.
Advance registration required by December 2Register here.
*Anatolian Artisans will sponsor a "mini-bazaar" with special hand made crafts from Turkey. They will sell before and after the lecture.

For more information, see the American Friends of Turkey.

Before her appointment in 2009 as the Curator in Charge of Islamic Art at the Met, Dr. Sheila Canby served as Curator of Islamic Art and Antiquities at the British Museum from 1991. Before that she had curated Islamic collections in several American Museums, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. She received her MA and PhD from Harvard. Her publications include: Shah Abbas and the Imperial Treasures of Iran (2009) and Islamic Art in Detail (2005).