2014 Craft Fellowship - Petrocelli

posted May 12, 2017, 8:04 PM by AIA DC   [ updated Jun 6, 2018, 9:34 AM ]

- Luke Petrocelli, University of Maryland


At the 2015 AIA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Luke Petrocelli presented the poster "Digital Recording of Architecture at the Villas of Ancient Stabiae." As an architecture graduate student at the University of Maryland, Petrocelli worked at Castellammare di Stabiae to  help document and analyze the archaeological sites. In an effort to expand the technology used at the ancient site and share this information with the world, Petrocelli persuaded the School of Architecture at UMd to split the cost of LiDAR equipment with the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS).


The work in Stabiae and his trip to New Orleans was arranged in order to compare two methods of digital recording (EDM and LiDAR), and help archaeologists and historians determine the best method of recording for their own projects.


For a 3-D reconstruction of one of the ancient villas using LiDAR, click here. Posted on You Tube, the video shows a fly-through of this incredible reconstruction.