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Vice President:



Assistant Secretary:


AIA Liaison:

Past Presidents:

Board of Governors:

Joseph B. Scholten

Renee M. Gondek

Rachel Jacobson

Stephanie Layton-Kim


Jorge J. Bravo

Elise A. Friedland

Diane Harris Cline and Eric Cline

Alexis Catsambis (until 2025)

Faya Causey (until 2025)

Alexander Nagel (until 2025)

Eric Cline (until 2024)

Jacquelyn H. Clements (until 2024)

Frederick A. Winter (until 2024)

Maryl Gemsheimer (until 2023)

Flordeliz T. Bugarin (until 2023)

Emily Egan (until 2023)

For questions or for more information, please e-mail:

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